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If you have anything minor or some loose ends that needs to be taken care of with Roku, feel free to use this entry to thread them out.

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Jan 25th - Backdate )

-----[4th Wall Weekend]--------------

[Jan 26th]

[Come Saturday and Roku was out and about already, pretty much in a very good mood. He's not the least bit bothered by the increasing number of people around the town today.

...Ok, maybe he is a little puzzled by some of them. Where were their wings? He might say hi to a few people here and there as he stops by the barracks]

So who got a mean throwing arm and wants to have a snowball fight? [Aka, let me practice my bending by deflecting snowballs back at people.]

[Jan 27th]

[Sunday, Roku is chilling out at the hot springs. Two days out playing in the snow was valid enough reason for a trip. Surely no one told the visitors how to reach this place right?

Once he's spent some time there, he'll be going to the tea shop sometime in the evening.]
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[Roku had returned from the draft when the evacuation was called. As much as he wanted to help those who were left behind...he knew he wasn't physically or mentally able to do much else at this point. He would have just been a burden to the others. The decision still left a heavy feeling of guilt on him, like he was abandoning people. He was the Avatar, being unable to save others is sort of not an option.

He wasn't really paying attention to where he was actually going this entire time and somehow found himself...literally lost. Where did all this fog come from? He tries to retrace his steps, but all he kept seeing was trees. Well it's safe to assume he's in some part of the forest.

Wait, he's a firebender, he can just light his way through this forest. Right. Course when he gets a little bit of light around the area, he jumps at what the light revealed in the shadows. That...that really wasn't something he needed to be seeing after a draft. Was that thing laughing at him....? He shuffles around the forest for a bit, before pulling out his journal.]


Hey uh...quick question to anyone who knows this. When people...die here, they come back alive after a week right? And not as ghosts...right?

[all the while he asks about this, some of the ghosts decide it would be funny to throw things at him. Toilet paper, seriously? What is going on around here? At some point he's going to remember he had brought his glider and find his way back to the village and to House 56. He might look slightly mummified with all those toilet paper thrown at him.]
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[Roku was finally returning from his mission for the Malnosso today, tired and just wanting to be back in his familiar bed and sleep. Course, that may have wait a bit after he sees the condition of Luceti. Well, more like he step into a massive puddle.

It was like someone had dumped a lake on top of Luceti. And wow some of the damage he was seeing on the buildings. What the heck happened while he was away? Soo despite how tired he was, he may just wander around a bit, poke a few people while he's on his way back to the house--try to avoid stepping into more puddles.

When he does finally get back to the house he'll just...drop the bag he had brought with him and stare at the damage.]

How bad was this storm?
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[It's late in the afternoon and there was nothing out of the ordinary happening today in the plaza, except for a sudden burst of water from the fountain. Today, the fountain decided to spit a man out of it. He was certainly not there a moment ago. Roku wasn't sure how or when he found himself underwater, but he knew he couldn't breathe if he continued to stay under. He gripped edge of the fountain, coughing and gasping for air as he pulled himself out and plops himself down against the fountain wall.]

Ugh...water's trying to kill me before I even get a teacher. [His back ached terribly against the cold stone so he leaned forward a little as he tried to get his bearings. He turns his head to look towards the fountain. How did even get into a fountain!? ...Oddly, it felt kind of familiar. Actually, where the heck was he? This plaza was definitely not air temple architect. Still, there was something familiar about this place. The memory was fuzzy, but somewhere in the back of his mind was telling him he's been here before. But...he's pretty sure he stayed in the Air Temple for the last several years, and he never left the Fire Nation before that. This wasn't Fire nation, he's sure of it, or at least his head was telling him it's not.]

Where...? [...He's just going to sit there, soaked and dumbstruck for awhile as people pass him. Has he moved every so slightly from discomfort, his right hand will stumble onto the journal, just sitting there beside him. He stared at it, before he picks it up. Almost instinctively he opens it and...well say something, but...a part of his head was telling him "what are you even thinking? This is stupid". It's this part that people will hear in the journal.]


Hello...? Is...um-- oh, what am I even doing? Can anyone hear me through this? [So he doesn't think he's going crazy]
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[Since today happens to be a pleasant, breezy day, Roku has gone out to take advantage of this and practice some airbending. He's hanging out at the barracks, AWAY from the house so he doesn't end up doing something to the house like last time. He's been going through all the motions and actually making some progress, able to make more powerful gust with more control. Though, maybe the wind might be helping him along but it's not a bad thing. It's like an invisible teacher.]

If only I had my glider...
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[It's nighttime in Luceti and Roku's sitting atop the roof of House 56. Why was he up there? Probably bored and was watching the stars or maybe just checking the damage done by Zuko's attempt to firebend. Possibility of leaks are not fun...and no, he's not holding off on that talk he was suppose to have with Zuko, not at all.

It's more like...where do you even start? A war, Azula, grandchildren...his grandson being labeled a traitor. He sighs and flops on his back.

A lot sure can happen in more then a hundred years.
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[Anyone who happens by the center of town, may or may not happen to notice a shirtless teen by the fountain. He was soaking wet, like he had taken a swim in the fountain but that annoyed expression on his face probably says otherwise.]

Ugh, Gyatso, if this is your idea of a joke, it's not funny! [Roku sighs as he start searching for his clothes. They were neatly folded beside the fountain, under a journal. He kneels down to collect his clothes, ignoring the journal for the moment] Well, at least you were nice enough to leave my clothes here-...wait.

[As he stands back up, now noticing where he actually was...or wasn't] Uh...was this part of the temple?
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